Mastering Motherhood Resources

Below you will find additional resources from my 2023/2024 Mastering Motherhood presentations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

10 Tips to Help Kids with Big Feelings

Tip #1) Help your children build their emotional intelligence

Tip #2) Teach them that all feelings are ok

Tip #3) Big feelings can show us what is in our hearts

Tip #4) Study triggers to big emotions

Tip #5) Problem-solve ahead of time

Tip #6) Narrate your own inner experiences

Tip #7) Identify what calms them

Tip #8) Create opportunities to re-set their nervous system

Tip #9) Pray with and for your children

  • Remember what God has done (activity)
  • Ask two questions: 1) What are you looking forward to today? 2) What do you think is going to be hard today?

Tip #10) Explore Bible verses about emotions


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