Free Christian Parenting E-book!

Are you a weary parent? Do you feel like you need a little refreshing? I am excited to share my new Christian parenting e-book: Refresh Your Parenting in Just 5 Days!

This book will give you a sense for my Christian parenting framework which is built on 5 important pillars:

  1. Knowing your child
  2. Connecting to your child
  3. Discipling your child
  4. Training and correcting your child
  5. Creating a support network
[You can learn more about The 5 Pillars of Christian Parenting here.]

This 19-page interactive study guide will give you a glimpse of each pillar at work in your day-to-day life. You will have tasks to complete during the day and space for reflection and prayer at night. You will be encouraged to engage in self-reflection and intentionality through thought-provoking questions and investigation.

My prayer is that it will leave you feeling equipped and hopeful, with a comprehensive framework upon which you can build your parenting.

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