Anxiety Book for Christian Kids

This Bible-based anxiety workbook was written with 8-12 years olds in mind. This collaborative workbook will help you and your child understand the underlying cause of their anxiety and ways to combat it. There are 10 activities that address different aspects of worry, all from a Biblical foundation.

This worry workbook is intended for caregivers and kids to work on together. Anxiety has a way of shrinking your world and making you feel very alone. I wanted this workbook to be collaborative in a way that helped kids be seen and known by the people who love them best. My prayer is that though the workbook, they will learn more about themselves, their God, and how they can fill their toolbelt with resources and tips to help them in their struggles with anxiety.

About the workbook

There are psychoeducational components to this book – what anxiety is, why we have it and how it can take over. There are also 10 battles that are based on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) interventions that weave in Scripture and the truths of God. Kids will learn how to notice their worry body signals, how to calm their bodies, how to examine their thoughts, and how to take care of themselves in a way that supports good mental health. The battles include activities like learning a breath prayer, creating a thankful tree, and even a guide for systematic desensitization for kids who avoid anxiety provoking situations. It is interactive and the “battles” build on one another as the child works their way through the book.

Tips for parents

While this book does contain interventions that a therapist might use, it is not intended to be a substitute for therapy. I am fully aware that there is a shortage of therapists nationwide who work with children. You may know that your child needs help, but have found yourself on a waiting list. This book can help bridge that gap and give your child some tools and resources to help them in the meantime.

As stated above, this book is really intended to be done collaboratively. Connection is at the very heart of healing. Your child needs you on their side to navigate these tough times. But working though the book together, you can adopt some of the language to use in everyday life as well as implement some of the strategies yourself as a way of modeling and encouraging your child.