Visual aids are a wonderful way to enhance your communication with your children.  All of our free parenting printables are original to Cornerstones for Parents. They are all in PDF format.  Click on the image to download your copy.

“I’m bored!”   Those dreaded two words.  The next time your kids are claiming they have nothing to do, hand them this printable (or this one if your kids are a bit older) and watch their imaginations soar. No devices required!

This poster will provide your children with a visual aid to help them manage conflicts with siblings and peers.  Print out one for each child.  To learn how to implement this system, click here.

This handy printable is a great tool to help you to discuss practical Biblical truths with your children. It addresses common behavior problems such as self-control, obedience, wholesome talk and the treatment of others.

This printable provides your children with a way to see the blessings that come when they obey and the struggles that result when they disobey.  Clearly depicts the restorative purpose of discipline.  To learn more on how to use this tool with your kids, click here.

This behavior chart is a basic tool for getting your child back on track. Set goals and create expectations to get there. To learn more on how to use it, click here. For behavior chart basics, click here.

When is the last time you sat down and had a purposeful conversation with your kids on the topic of manners? Here are some questions to assess how manners-wise your children are.

This poster is a great starting point for families wishing to formalize and post rules.  It is a generic poster that you can customize with your own rules.  For suggestions of family rules, click here.  For some tips on how to select and use rules in your home, click here.

This decision-making tool will help you dialogue with your pre-teen/teen on any decision that they may have to make. Learn more on how to help your kids make good decisions here.

Here is a great list of simple prayers that you can use to cover your children with prayer. Consider using this list to pray over your children as they sleep in their beds at night.

Here are some kid-friendly promises of God with scripture references. We can all use a little reminder from time to time of who God is and how much He loves us.

Get everyone’s heart ready for Christmas with this two-page printable. It includes a Bible passage to read, a gospel implication and a suggested ornament to hang on your Jesse Tree. To learn more about how to use a Jesse Tree in your advent celebrations, click here.