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Make this Christmas a Birthday Party!

We might be the ones who get gifts on Christmas, but let’s not forget whose birthday it really is. Here are 7 tips to make Christmas a proper birthday party this year.

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In the hustle and bustle of the season it is easy to forget that Christmas is really a birthday party. Too easily Christmas becomes about us when it is really about Jesus. Here are some ways you can celebrate your Savior’s birthday as a family this Christmas.

1. Serve birthday “cake” for breakfast. A Christmas morning coffee cake with candles will be sure to get your day off right. This Happy Birthday Jesus placemat template will set the right tone from the very start.

2. Dress for the occasion. Tuck a birthday party hat and noise maker in the top of each child’s stocking.

3. Give presents to Jesus. Wrap up toys for needy children and place them under your Christmas tree in the spirit of Matthew 25:40: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Drop them off at a local shelter on Christmas eve.

4. Decorate for a birthday party. Hang a Happy Birthday banner in the doorway. Blow up green and red balloons and write Jesus’ name in permanent marker on the outside of each one.

5. Make a Birthday card for Jesus. Use a free online card making site such as to create a print at home card for Jesus. Have each child select their design and personalize their message inside.

6. Take a walk down memory lane. Just like parents revisit the day of their child’s birth, walk your children through Jesus’ birthday story by reading Luke chapter 2. Think of the chapter as Jesus’ “baby book.”

7. Have birthday cake after dinner. You may not know Jesus’ favorite flavor, but any cake with “Happy Birthday Jesus!” written across the top, is a great way to end your day of festivities. Sing “Happy Birthday to You!” and then go around the table and say why you are grateful to celebrate Jesus’ birthday today.

Everyone loves a party and activities like these can really help your children experience first hand what true worship at Christmas is all about.

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