Fruit of the Spirit Behavior Chart Alternative

I am happy to offer a set of original printables (available here) that can be used to encourage children to practice the fruits of the Spirit as they fill their tree with “good fruit” everyday.

Parenting that focuses exclusively on modifying behavior can create a negative environment – where every infraction is pointed out and corrected. This chart will help you, as a parent, to keep your eyes out for what is going right in your children’s day and focus on the positive.

Having kids who demonstrate “good” outward behavior is not our ultimate goal – having a heart like Jesus is. If we can do that, good deeds will follow.

This three-page printable includes:

Page 1 – A coloring page with an empty tree and Galatians 5:22-23.

Page 2 – A set of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit (that can also be colored) and instructions on how to use the set.

Page 3 – A colorful Fruit of the Spirit description page with a definition, Bible passage and child-friendly examples for each of the different fruits of the Spirit.

How to use it:

1) Have your children color and personalize their own tree and “fruit.”

2) Post the tree in a public space in your home.

3) Have your children cut out the fruit and store them in a jar or envelope nearby.

4) Read through the definitions of the fruits of the Spirit (which include concrete, kid-oriented examples) and make sure they understand what the fruit will look like in every day life.

5) Be sure to be “watering” your kids’ spiritual life daily through prayer, worship, and the reading of God’s word. Help them to understand the heart of Jesus as revealed in His word and in your life.

6) Keep your eyes open for evidence of godly fruit. One you see it, point it out! Then have your child tape the appropriate fruit on the tree to keep track. Try to fill up the whole tree!

7) Print out one for every family member and work on it together!

Go beyond behavior, straight to the heart with our Fruit of the Spirit Tree. This unique "behavior" chart will help your children focus on godly character as they fill their tree with "good fruit" everyday.

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