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What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Laura Kuehn, LCSW
Written by Laura Kuehn, LCSW

What does Mom want for Mother’s Day? It may not be what you think. Check out our suggestions for a meaningful and heartfelt Mother’s Day.

So what does Mom really want for Mother’s Day? Chocolates, flowers, jewelry? That is what the commercials on T.V. would have you think. While those things are all nice and thoughtful, what most moms want for Mother’s Day can’t be boxed or gift wrapped.

What Mom really wants is to be appreciated. Mom wants to know that everyone else in the family knows how hard she works for them. She wants to know that all she does has not gone unnoticed. Stay at home moms are particularly in need of this type of feedback. She receives no annual review. There are no pay raises or bonuses for a job well done. Without expressed appreciation or recognition, a sense of insignificance (no matter how unfounded) can take over.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late. Here’s what you can do:

Dads, start by making an “Oh how she serves us, let us count the ways” list. Sit down with your children at a private moment and encourage them to come up with the different ways Mom serves everyone in the family. No idea is too small or insignificant. Little things like “folding my pants the way I like them” or “always remembering a napkin in my lunchbox” are great candidates for the list.

Then, together with your children, come up with ways that you can serve her on Mother’s Day. Use the list as your jumping off point. Come up with other ideas as well. As long as Mom is being served in some fashion, it is worth doing. Take your original list; glue it to a colorful piece of construction paper and write “Thank you for all you do” at the top. On Mother’s Day morning present her with a cup of coffee and this list. Her tears will be all the thanks you need.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about gifts and fancy restaurants. It can be celebrated with a simple but well thought out “thank you.” Don’t let this Mother’s Day go by without giving Mom what she really wants for Mother’s Day – a day that celebrates all she does.

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Laura Kuehn, LCSW

Laura Kuehn, LCSW

Laura is a licensed clinical social worker with a specialization in children and families. CfP is the place she combines some of her very favorite things: writing, parenting and God's word. She loves encouraging parents to build their families upon Jesus, the one true Cornerstone. She is happily married to a wonderfully supportive husband and is the mother of two delightfully inspiring children.


  • Laura,
    Words have such power! Words of appreciation can quench a thirsty weary mom in a flash. Thank you for your insights and proddings to all of us to use words on all occasions to graciously honor others.

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