The internet is full of helpful information for parents. Sifting through it all, however, can be a daunting task. Below are some websites and resources that have the Cornerstones for Parents seal of approval. If you have one you would like me to check out, please feel free to contact me.

4 Parenting Styles and Quiz

Follow this link to learn more about the 4 parenting styles. Then take this quiz to uncover your style!

7 Traits of Effective Parenting Assessment Tool

Focus on the Family offers a short free assessment to help you take a closer look at your parenting strengths and weaknesses. It provides helpful tips for addressing those weak areas.

Empowering Parents

This site by James and Janet Lehman is a wonderful resource for parents of teens who are displaying oppositional behaviors.  They offer a no-nonsense approach to parenting that encourages parents to be clear, firm, consistent and loving.

Ministry to Children

This is a great resource for parents and Sunday school teachers. There are hundreds of free printable bible lessons, coloring pages, crafts and games – all with Jesus at the center.

The Highly Sensitive Child

Dr. Elaine Aron has written a wonderful book for parents who are raising a highly sensitive child. Although highly sensitive is not a diagnosis, it does require intentional and modified parenting approaches. She offers self-tests to help you uncover whether or not your child is highly sensitive. Here are some strategies to help you make some modifications in your parenting.

National Center for Biblical Parenting

This organization is all about parenting the heart. They have a ton of resources for parents including coaching, videos, and seminars.

Kids of Integrity

This free resource provides parents with the tools necessary for developing godly character in their children. There are lessons on courage, joy, self-control and many more.

5 Love Languages Assessment

Here you will find an online version of Gary Chapman’s famous Love Languages profile. Whether you are a spouse, child, teen or single, there is a love language quiz for you. Find out how you can better communicate love to those around you as well as the ways love is best shown to you.

Books of the Bible Games

It is so important for kids to know their Bibles – it is their foundation for truth. Bible Games Central has a section of bible games that make learning the books of the Bible fun and interactive.