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Just for Dads: A Homemade Mother’s Day Dinner Idea

Laura Kuehn, LCSW
Written by Laura Kuehn, LCSW

Are you looking for a way to make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day? You can use these tips to put together a simple (really!) but meaningful Mother’s Day dinner at home.

One of the best gifts you can give Mom on Mother’s Day is the day off from cooking. Even moms who love to cook need a break once in a while.

Maybe going out to dinner is not in the budget. Or maybe wrangling, pacifying and entertaining little ones in a public place is not Mom’s idea of fun. Either way, here is a simple but meaningful Mother’s Day dinner idea that kids of any age can participate in right in your own home.

You will have to plan ahead, Dad, but you can do it! Each food item has been thoughtfully chosen and is accompanied by a note just for Mom.

Appetizer (pick one)

  • A sliced apple with store-bought yogurt dip and a note that says, “You are the apple of our eye!”
  • A bowl filled with an assortment of Mom’s favorite nuts with a note that says, “Mom, we’re all just nuts about YOU!”


  • A bowl of Mom’s favorite store-bought soup (But not the canned kind! Delis and eateries often have freshly made soups by the quart). Have the kids add a few mini goldfish or oyster crackers and read her a note that says, “Thanks for all you do around here to keep us afloat. We would be ‘sunk’ without you!”


  • A glass of wine (if Mom would enjoy one) with a note that states, “This is the only kind of “whine” you will have at dinner tonight!”
  • A store-bought rotisserie chicken or grilled chicken, steak or fish (if Dad likes to BBQ).
  • A simple three-bean salad.
  • Grilled, steamed or microwaved vegetable of Mom’s choice.
  • At this point in the meal, your children can “arise and call her blessed‘ (Proverbs 31:28), by standing and reading a poem, card or online coloring page that they have colored and filled out with all of the things they love about Mom.


  • A scoop of her favorite ice cream encircled with the mini version (or chopped pieces) of Mom’s favorite candy and a note that reads, “You will always be surrounded by our love. Happy Mother’s Day.”

You will also need some ideas to keep Mom occupied while you prepare dinner. Here are a few: 1) draw her a bubble bath, 2) let her shut herself in her room with a good book, or 3) send her out to shop at her favorite boutique, store or nursery.

Remember, it is not about the quality of the meal that means the most to her, it is the thoughtfulness, planning and love that is shown through actions.

Regardless of how the meal tastes, what she will feel is love.

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Laura Kuehn, LCSW

Laura Kuehn, LCSW

Laura is a licensed clinical social worker with a specialization in children and families. CfP is the place she combines some of her very favorite things: writing, parenting and God's word. She loves encouraging parents to build their families upon Jesus, the one true Cornerstone. She is happily married to a wonderfully supportive husband and is the mother of two delightfully inspiring children.

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