Category - Encouragement

These articles offer biblical encouragement to help you keep at the hard work of parenting as well as gentle nudges to take a closer look at yourself and your patterns.

An Important Tool for Christian Parents: Prayer

What is the most effective parenting tool you have? Parenting tools (like time out and ignoring) are important tools to have. But if we miss the most foundational tools of all, we will only be scratching the surface. Here we will explore the first of these two Christian parenting essentials.

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Over-protective Parents: Tips for Letting Go

Training wheels are great for helping a child move from a tricycle to a two-wheeler. But as I learned this past weekend, training wheels can hold a child back if used too long. Are there other areas of life in which we inadvertently hold our kids back? Join me as we seek to find the balance between...

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I Lost My Temper, Now What?

Parenting is a high stakes job. Our emotions, hopes and fears get all wrapped up in it. This level of intensity can have some negative side effects - like losing your temper. If you have ever struggled with anger outbursts, read on to find out what you can do in the aftermath as well as some ideas...

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Is Jesus Asleep in Your Boat?

Are you going through a tough time? Do you want to shout, like the disciples did in their wave-torn boat, "Don't you care about me at all God?" If so, read on for comfort and encouragement. You will find He has been with you all along.

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Stop Comparing

Do you find yourself comparing your personality or parenting skills to others? How can you accept who God has made you to be? Here are some simple truths that will hopefully encourage you as a parent and child of God.

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